Australian Sex Party policies are informed by scientific evidence, in consultation with our members and industry expertise. We are currently in the process of cleaning up our existing policy suite as well as developing policies for the 2018 Victorian State Election. If you have a suggestion for policy, please contact Joel Murray We will be pushing content to these pages on a regular basis, so please come back for updates.

  • The Party is committed to upholding and strengthening the civil liberties of all persons and to providing a political voice for Australians.
  • Central to the Party’s principles are the notions of secular government, equality and freedom both of and from religion.
  • The Party recognises acceptance of (non-violent) sexual free speech and (non-violent) sexual expression as one of the hallmarks of free, progressive and democratic nations.
  • The Party discourages policies and laws which restricting free speech and expression.
  • Similarly, the Party discourages “wowserism” in Australian life and political institutions.
  • The Party broadly believe in being; Economically prudent, Environmentally and Socially Progressive.