We respect the rights of all individuals to live their lives in the ways they choose without infringing the rights of, or causing harm to, others. The Reason Party believes that independent, peer-reviewed evidence based research is essential to inform the broad spectrum of knowledge and debate in our 21st century world. The vast majority of Australians hold relaxed and tolerant 21st Century views of the choices made by individuals. The Reason Party’s policies reflect these views.

Future focussed – our policy positions are future focused and outcome oriented, not dictated by parliamentary terms or election cycles.

Evidence based – independent, peer-reviewed research informs our policy positions.

Equality – we value and celebrate the diversity of our population. We believe in a right to equality, fairness and decency for all.  We are committed to removing discrimination from our laws, services and society.

Human rights and civil liberties – human rights acknowledge the fundamental worth of each person. We will protect human rights and civil liberties which are the cornerstone of strong,