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Sex Party Announces Victorian Election Team

The Australian Sex Party will contest 24 lower house seats in Victoria at the forthcoming Federal Election. The party's President, Fiona Patten, will head the Senate ticket. Seats being contested range from Melbourne and most metro seats, into many of the regional areas where the Sex Party polled surprisingly well in the 2010 Senate election.

Candidates come from a wide variety of backgrounds and include scientists, warehouse managers,swimming teachers, students, small business owners, social workers and musicians.

Ms Patten said that following an average vote of 7% in the past four Victorian State by elections, the party was in a strong position to influence the outcome of a few lower house seats.

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Sex Party Plan to Balance Budget

On the anniversary of its fourth birthday, the Australian Sex Party has offered the two major parties a $5 billion budget plan that does not involve increasing taxes on working families and small businesses.

Sex Party President and Victorian Senate candidate, Fiona Patten, said that Australia needed a new broom to sweep away decades of conditioned thinking on funding budgets and that new streams of finance lay just beneath the surface of the nation’s economy, like hidden seams of gold.

She called on Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott to implement taxation and regulation of marijuana in Australia and said that later in the campaign she would reveal costings and revenue forecasts for a regulatory scheme that would raise over $2 billion a year in tax revenue. “The US states of Colorado and Washington have recently taxed and regulated marijuana to their great benefit”, she said. Uruguay has also recognised the benefits of this scheme and has started the same process.   “Colorado needed new streams of revenue and found them with creative thinking and by taking advantage of an activity that was already happening.”

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Australian Christians Sex Up Their ‘Team’ Photo

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The Australian Christians, a new political party running on biblical principles, has issued a racy photo of their team to promote the party on its website. The group photo features girls in mini skirts, cut off shorts and midriff tops.

Last month the Australian Christians wrote in their national newsletter that, "unless Christians take urgent action now, after the September Federal Election, we will all hear the shrill voices of the Sex Party advocating for pornography and legalised prostitution."

Sex Party President Fiona Patten  said that the photo of the Christian Party team appeared on the Australian Christian website on their ‘About’ page which also espouses the party’s core values of ‘honesty and integrity’ and ‘being fair dinkum’. “I was astounded to find the same photograph on the Shutterstock photo library website”, she said.

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Abandon All Religious Texts for Swearing Oaths

The Australian Sex Party has called on the government to abandon religious texts for official oath swearing saying they are not worth the paper they are written on. The call comes following criticisms of Labor MP Ed Husic, for choosing to be sworn into the new Rudd Ministry with a copy of the Koran rather than the traditional bible.

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Controversial Political Play Opens to Full House

A political play that could hold a few insights into the outcome of the federal election, opens tonight in Canberra to a packed audience. The Major Minor Party opens for a four day season at the Canberra Theatre and charts the launch of the Australian Sex Party from humble roots in the industrial suburb of Fyshwick to national debates on morality and drugs with other minor parties like Family First and Fred Nile’s Christian Democrats. Needless to say, warnings abound.

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Small Parties Decimated, Now Gutted

Small political parties in Australia who do not have millionaire backers, are now facing further financial hardship following the government’s new funding and disclosure Bill. The government doubled election nomination fees last month in a move which will financially devastate many minor parties.

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