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Refer Cannabis Industry to Productivity Commission: Sex Party

The Australian Sex Party wants the Productivity Commission to examine the total economic effect of legalising and regulating all forms of Cannabis, as well as the hemp industry.

Sex Party President, Fiona Patten said that apart from raising an estimated $1 - $2 billion a year from legalising and taxing marijuana, the potential bonanza from hemp products in the market place was not well understood in government.

The hemp industry last week announced their fight to have HEMP foods legally recognised. This industry already generates $13 million in trade for Australia. It is estimated that the demand for hemp food products will quadruple this year if they get approval. Hemp farming also uses much less water than cotton and could remove millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.[1]

In the U.S., Colorado is expecting to bring in $578 million from its new legal cannabis industry, including $67 million in tax revenue.[2] Legal cannabis comes into effect later this year in Washington state. There are currently recreational legalisation Bills in 11 states, decriminalisation in five states and medical marijuana in three states.[3]

Ms Patten said that Australia had followed US drug policy for many years but was not keeping up with the current trends. ‘We risk losing a great economic advantage by not following the US and New Zealand in their approaches to drugs’, she said. ‘The various varieties of the cannabis plant have many uses, ranging from industrial to foodstuffs and from recreational to medicinal uses.’

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Coalition Backflip on Internet Censorship: Smoke and Mirrors

The Coalition’s embarrassing back flip on its plans to filter the internet should serve as a warning to voters that the issue of censorship was alive and well in both major parties.

Sex Party president and Victorian senate candidate, Fiona Patten, said that neither party could be trusted to hold to their policies on censoring the internet and the Coalition’s new policy meant nothing for what they would really do in government. The Coalition has repeatedly stated that they favour the online censorship policies of UK Prime Minister, David Cameron.

She called on Tony Abbott to agree to implement the recommendations of the Australian Law Reform Commission’s (ALRC) enquiry into classification in Australia. The ALRC recommended sweeping changes to classification with reference to the online environment. Both Rudd and Gillard governments refused to implement or even respond to most of the recommendations.

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Sex Party Challenges Abbott Over Tampon Tax

The Australian Sex Party is challenging Tony Abbott to commit to removing the GST on tampons and sanitary pads if he becomes Prime Minister. While essential items and services, like food, child care and health are exempt from GST, tampons and sanitary pads still attract a 10 per cent charge.

Sex Party President, Fiona Patten, said the tax was discriminatory and unfair in that it disadvantaged half the population to the benefit of the other half. She said that the only reason tampons and pads were included in the GST was because Parliament had determined them to be ‘luxury’ items.

“A Paid Parental Leave is fine but we need a scheme to benefit women who are not pregnant and this is it”, she said. “Australian women are forced to pay (on average) an extra dollar every month for pads or tampons via the GST. Per year, the GST raises over $14 million from female sanitary products. The GST on tampons is a regressive tax that hits poorer people harder whereas Paid Parental Leave is a benefit that is weighted for the more wealthy.”

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Sex Party Announces Cannabis Led Recovery for Tasmania

The Australian Sex Party has announced a radical economic plan that would see millions of dollars injected into the ailing Tasmanian economy.

The Sex Party wants to legalise and tax marijuana like alcohol and commence large-scale cultivation of cannabis crops alongside poppy crops in Tasmania and turn the state into the hemp and marijuana capital of Australia.

Sex Party President, Fiona Patten, will launch the Sex Party’s policy on channel Nine national television this morning.

She said two states in the USA had now regulated and taxed recreational marijuana with Colorado being the latest. A further ten states are drawing up plans to do the same. Twenty one states in the US have legalised medical marijuana. New Zealand has recently regulated and taxed the sale of synthetic cannabis.

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Sex Party TV Election Ads Banned

Commercials Advice (CAD), a division of Free TV and Australia’s self-regulatory body for Australian television advertising, has banned a series of Australian Sex Party TV ads advocating a policy of ‘voluntary euthanasia’. The ads had been approved for broadcast by CAD over four weeks ago on 1st August and were due to start screening today. At 4pm last Friday, when all production studio facilities had closed for the weekend and there was no possibility of changing or amending the ads, the Sex Party was told by CAD that its ads were in breach of their guidelines and unless amended, would be taken off air.

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Sex Party Campaign Ad Takes Off

The Australian Sex Party's 2013 election campaign advertisement has had 20,000 views in its first 24 hours and is making waves on Twitter.

The party's campaign video for its 2010 election, Jerk Choices, became the most watched online campaign video with a quarter of a million views.

Sex Party President Fiona Patten said that the video encapsulated the party's civil libertarian platform in a graphic way with a soft overlay of humour to cushion the message. "Its not an easy thing to get a drug law reform or euthanasia policy across to people using actors, simulated scenes and street language and still be able to broadcast it on TV", she said. "The scene where actress Sue Ingelton portrays a dying women, is quite confronting even through the laughter that the scene provokes."

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Campaign Launch: Sex Party To Announce Preferences for Seat Of Melbourne

The Sex Party will launch its Federal election campaign in Melbourne today - kicking off proceedings by unveiling its preference deal for the seat of Melbourne. The seat will likely swing on Sex Party preferences, as the state seat of Melbourne did at the last state by election.

The decision whether to preference Labor or the Greens was ongoing with frantic last minute discussions taking place last night. Will the Greens keep their seat in the lower house or will Labor claw back to get one more seat against the Coalition?

The Sex Party decides!

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Sex Party Campaign Launch: More Bang for your Buck

The Sex Party has launched its ACT Senate campaign with a call for more personal freedom and liberty and less political influence in the daily lives of people.

The party’s traditional platform includes a call to regulate and tax marijuana, to tax religious institutions in the ACT, to legalise euthanasia and gay marriage and to stop the retention of people’s data online. The Sex Party also wants to see the federal parliament double the number of Senators for the ACT to better represent the status and numbers of people living here.

Two new policies have been added to the ACT Senate campaign. The Sex Party is calling for the reinstatement of the sale of fireworks. It also wants to bring back plastic bags in supermarkets.

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Sex Party Launches In City of Churches With Religion

The Australian Sex Party will launch its election campaign in South Australia tomorrow, by calling for fair and proper taxation of religious businesses in the state.

Church owned companies include some of the most well known brands in Australia and include cereal manufacturers, insurance companies and publishers. Sex Party President, Fiona Patten said none of these businesses was required to pay income tax. “A conservative estimate shows that income tax exemptions alone to churches and religious organisations cost taxpayers nearly $20 billion a year nationally. In South Australia this could lift the general taxation base by $1.5 billion by legislating that church-based businesses pay their fair share of tax.

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Sex Party Announces Victorian Election Team

The Australian Sex Party will contest 24 lower house seats in Victoria at the forthcoming Federal Election. The party's President, Fiona Patten, will head the Senate ticket. Seats being contested range from Melbourne and most metro seats, into many of the regional areas where the Sex Party polled surprisingly well in the 2010 Senate election.

Candidates come from a wide variety of backgrounds and include scientists, warehouse managers,swimming teachers, students, small business owners, social workers and musicians.

Ms Patten said that following an average vote of 7% in the past four Victorian State by elections, the party was in a strong position to influence the outcome of a few lower house seats.

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Senator Harradine a Worthy but Deluded Opponent: Eros


The Eros Association today paid tribute to the man they locked horns with more times than they cared to remember. Eros CEO Fiona Patten said that he was a formidable political opponent, driven by his religious convictions and a cultural mindset stuck in the 1950s. “From the late 1980s onward, he used his balance of power in the Senate to try and roll back the supernova of eroticism that was exploding all around him”, she said. “He knew how to work a government like nobody else and was always one step ahead of them in his efforts to ban pornography. But he did not understand that the technological revolution of the 1990s was the beginning of a new way of life and that pornography was an integral part of that life. He thought if you can control the brown paper bags, you could control what was in them.”

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Corbell’s Crackdown on Drugs Misses the Mark: Sex Party

ACT banmull

ACT Attorney General, Simon Corbell has sided with the old style prohibitionists by introducing new drug laws in the ACT Parliament today. Australian Sex Party President, Fiona Patten, said the laws will continue to fail and will be rejected by Canberrans’ progressive attitudes.

She said marijuana and heroin had been banned for almost 100 years in Australia but were never more popular than now. ‘It is disappointing to see a Gen X Attorney General, supporting the same tired old prohibitionist policies that ignorant politicians used to ban alcohol as far back as the 1920s’, she said. ‘We support his moves to reduce the numbers of young people going to jail for personal possession of drugs but it is disingenuous in the extreme to try and separate out different ends of the recreational drug market and makes saints out of one end and sinners of the other. Reducing the harm done to people and society by recreational drug use requires a holistic approach based in the health portfolio - not in the criminal justice one.’

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