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To view this eNewsletter online click hereA message from Fiona
2009 is already set to be a very interesting year for all of us. A new progressive President in the US, a global financial crisis and if southern Australia's recent scorching temperatures are anything to go by, a global climate crisis.

All of which will affect many of the Sex Party's policies. 
Over the break, the party office has been busy finalising our registration application with the Australian Electoral Commission. You don’t have to register a political party in Australia if you want to contest an election but if you want your members to be able to vote above the line and tick the party’s box, then you have to be registered. It also means you can apply for public funding of your campaign.

By now all members will have received their party membership card and I hope you display it proudly in the front of your wallet. Membership to the Sex Party is about the most exclusive adult membership you can have. It’s the thinking person’s porn and politics platform and it says to others that you do give a fuck about where the country is headed! And of course it’s the only party where you really come first. To help all that along we will soon be announcing some great retail and entertainment discounts that members will qualify for. Watch this space.

This summer we have also been busy producing a new website for members. Just go to and refresh your browser. Due to many requests, we have produced a few T shirts which will be available on our website and at Brisbane Sexpo. We've also got a new bumper sticker on the way.

One of the entertainment bonuses that we have just clinched for our members, is free tickets to Sexpo. Email us with your member number and address and we will post a free $25 ticket to you. We are also looking for volunteers to help us on the party’s stand. Not for Young Liberals or the Christian Democrats but talking to people about the party’s policies at Sexpo is great fun and a unique perspective from which to see the show. Contact Rebecca in the party office for more details or 02 62852477.

And have you introduced a friend to the Sex Party yet? If not, get on your high horse and introduce them the to red membership card that's hotter than an Adelaide summer!

All the best Fiona
Top Stories

A very scary message Can't view this video click here
Peter Costello's Message on Australia Day 2009

If anyone saw Pauline Hanson's private weirdo video where she claimed that "if you are watching this, it means I'm dead" then you'll notice a certain similarity with Peter Costello's recently released epic where he addressed members of the evangelical, Catch the Fire, congregation. Basically, he's dead as well! a political sense anyway. If Costello had any pretentions to leading the Coalition at the next election, he can forget it after this monumental lapse of judgement. Labor will pull parts of this out for their 60 second TV ads and make him look like a suburban seance leader. He would have been better off if he'd released his own porno. At least then he would have got the same sort of bounce that K Rudd got when he admitted to being legless in a topless bar.

If Costello has any ambitions about leading Australia he has to know that Australians will not tolerate US style evangelical religion in politics. They'll cop Howard's practical and dour Methodist approach and they'll cop Rudd's folksy Anglicanism (for a while anyway). But the happy clappy stuff is just so loopy that the only way it can gain traction in the political process is getting preferences from BOTH major parties like Family First. Hmm...maybe Costello is not as silly as his video made him look.

Curly Merkin.

Having problems viewing this - click here for youtube link.
R Rated Computer GamesWritten by Fiona Patten

This issue is back in the media but from all reports the ultra conservative South Australian Attorney General will continue to veto the creation of this new category. You can read his very odd defense of his position here.

Whatever lip service he pays to the violence that might be in this new category, it’s the sex in R rated games that keeps this self-confessed evangelical Anglican from agreeing to it. The Sex Party policy is to create new R18+ and X18+ computer games categories for adults, simultaneously.

In this we are encouraging gamers and the games industry to support the creation of both to show support for non violent erotic games as well as action based games. The Party also wants to abolish the stupid rule set up by SCAG (State and Commonwealth A-Gs) that says a veto by just one of the eight state Attorneys General, stops logical law reform.
Internet Filtering Written by Fiona Patten

If Stephen Conroy’s internet filter is successful, 90% of the sites blacklisted will be thus labeled because of their non violent, sexual content.

Currently 1370 URLs are on the blacklist, 674 were blacklisted because they were child pornography or appeared to be. Of the remaining 696: 441 were X18+, 65 were R18+ and 190 were RC which may means that they contained content featuring sexual fantasy or fetish. So leaving out suspected child porn, 506 of 696 blacklisted URLs are blacklisted because of legal sexual content.
# Full Story Sexualisation of Kids or Moral Panic?Written by Fiona Patten

A strong anti porn campaign is being run by a former advisor to Senator Harradine, Melinda Tankard Reist, and a South Australian group, Kids Free 2B Kids.

Their aim is to get plastic sealed, adult magazines out of newsagencies and petrol stations. This campaign has had an unreported consequence over the summer break with the Classification Office issuing a statement saying they would refuse to classify imported adult magazines with post-print modifications (black dots on rude bits) to meet Australia’s strict censorship guidelines. Effectively this decision would have ended the importation and legal distribution of all soft core (Category 1 Restricted) magazines in Australia.
# Full Story Sex Party's official portrait painterPricasso is the Sex Party's official portrait painter and the world's first and only penis-painter. Penis-painting is not well understood in the West....or the East for that matter. Probably best known in the north where eskimos have been dipping their wicks in animal oils for years. It originated in pre historic caves in the South of France where men would rub red ochre on their dongs and hump walls when their women folk went out digging yams for the day. After a while they realised that all the gonadal graffitti on the walls could be taken a step further and voila! A new art movement was born.

These days not many painters have the balls to paint with their penis. Its a form of intuitive cognition - a sort of lower chakra channelling where the penis goes where it wants to on the canvas without the interference from the mind. Let's face it. Its just pure Zen.

Here, Pricasso shows his latest creation exclusively for Sex Party members. The Obama portrait is a classic in the style of Harris! and represents crowning glory of the American Dream. Pricasso wishes Obama well while saying 'good riddance' to Bush.. You can see more of Pricasso on the new Sex Party website.

Sex Olympia 2009 Cancelled Sex Olympia organisers threatened.

After receiving numerous threatening emails questioning their ethics, numerous telephone calls abusing their morals and their website frequently attacked the people organising Australia's first Sex Olympics have decided that the country is not quite ready for Sex Olympia 2009.
# Full Story The Sex DiariesIt was sex that made wonderful Bettina Arndt famous.

As one of Australia's first sex therapists and editor of Forum magazine, Bettina spent her early career talking about sex on television and radio.

She went on to become a leading social commentator, writing features and columns for publications across the country and working on government advisory committees covering issues from family law to childcare and ageing.
Now she has returned to her first love and has just completed an exciting new book on sex.
# Full StoryBrewers droop 6minutes | Jared Reed

‘Brewers droop’ is a myth and alcohol in moderation may actually increase sexual performance, say the authors of a new Australian study.

A survey of 1500 men in WA found that rates of erectile dysfunction were about 30% lower among men who drank within NHMRC guidelines - and even among binge drinkers - compared to ex-drinkers. However rates of erectile dysfunction were high in very heavy drinkers.

The findings suggest that there is no justification for advising men with erectile dysfunction to discontinue or reduce modest alcohol intake, the researchers say in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (online 8 January).
# Full Story
New contraceptive pill New contraceptive pill to be trialled
SMH | Jonathan Dart

Relief may be on its way for women who suffer from a loss of libido and other symptoms when taking contraceptives, with a new pill set to be trialled at a Sydney Hospital.

The Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick will trial the oral contraceptive which uses a natural form of the female hormone oestrogen, called estradil. It comes with international research finding that hormones used in traditional contraceptives have a wide range of side-effects on women, including the loss of libido, aches and pains and mood swings.
# Full Story
Recession-proof | Lanai Vasek

Open your own adult shop and beat the recession. Top businesses to start in 2009. EVER considered a career in the funeral industry? What about starting your own sex store?

Well now could be the perfect time to find out, with sex shops and funeral parlours tipped to be among the most successful businesses this year.

Unemployment data last week showed nearly 44,000 Australians lost their jobs in December, with the unemployment rate tipped to hit 6 per cent by the end of the year. Economists forecast Australia will go into recession this year, however some industries are thriving in the downturn, and if you’ve lost your job starting one of these business could make you some serious cash. Here’s a rundown on the top 10 businesses you’ll kick yourself for not starting this ye.
# Full Story
Democrat vows to fight on MCV Melbourne

The sole remaining Australian Democrats politician in office is bowing out of parliament with a call for greater same-sex rights, and a promise to continue to fight for GLBT rights.

Outgoing South Australian Democrat Sandra Kanck says she believes “all human rights, including same-sex rights are worth fighting for”, and has committed to marching in South Australia’s Gay Pride March next year.
# Full Story

Penis painter does Obama Sex Party Update

We've just launched our new website.

Check it out here. The old one did us well and saw 50,000 unique visitors to it in the few months since we launched the party. We did no paid promotion for it all so we should all be pretty pleased with the level of coverage we got. There are now over 100,000 individual stories about the party with online news agencies. So we're looking to crack 100,000 unique visitors with our new site in the next few month.
Party membership now stands at about 1200 but we are confident of getting another thousand at Brisbane Sexpo in late Feb.

Our next gig is at sexpo Brisbane 26th February to 1st March 2009. So drop by and say hi.


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Hard FactsA study by Internet research firm Hitwise has found that Web traffic in the U.K. to social networks has overtaken adult websites. The same phenomenon occurred in the U.S. in the middle of 2007, but social and sexual sites continue to battle it out, frequently overtaking one another on a monthly basis.
L.A. Times

Australian women buy over one million vibrators every year.
Eros industry survey 2006.

Australians have sex on average 103 times a year – Durex survey 2004
Victorian Attorney General, Rob Hulls, (then) Opposition Leader, Robert Doyle and Police Minister Tim Holding all agreed that they had watched X rated films in their younger days. Then Premier, Steve Bracks, said he couldn’t really remember but later said he didn’t’ ‘actually’ look at them.
Financial Review 23.2.05
The sexual life

Cartoon by John Marco

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