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Sex Party Special Witchcraft Edition

Mass Exorcism Planned for Parliament House
Tools of the devil
• Spiritual war is on

Mass Exorcism Planned for Parliament House

A blood splattered alter on Mount Ainslie?

ASP Press Release

The man who convinced Peter Costello to record a gushing Australia Day message for his congregation, Pastor Danny Nalliah, is now exhorting his followers to attend a mass spiritual exorcism of the federal Parliament in October. On his Catch the Fire Ministries website, Pastor Nalliah claims to have uncovered evidence that a coven of Canberra witches has been making blood sacrifices on a hilltop overlooking the federal Parliamentary triangle, in an attempt to hex the House. 

“The Spirit of God has been revealing to me that the whole nation is under a curse because the witchcraft covens from Mount Ainsley (sic) in Canberra are cursing the Federal Parliament, which is the heartbeat of Australia where decisions are being made that effect the whole nation”, said Pastor Nalliah.

Pastor Nalliah claims the witches have been sacrificing animals while chanting their parliamentary spells and produced photos of blood stained concrete bollards on Mt Ainslie to back his case. 

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The Verdict? ....De Bortolio's Chateau Cardboard!

billboardSex Party Convener, Fiona Patten & Marketing and Promotions Manager, Sarah bravely investigate the supposed sacrificial alter on Mount Ainslie.


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Tools of the devil

asp Pastor Danny Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries

The Australian | James Jeffrey

Never mind Floriade and the International Mint Directors Conference (Strewth, yesterday), Canberra is about to cop some serious action: a war between witches, the Australian Sex Party and the Catch the Fire Ministries.

True story! On a recent excursion up Mt Ainslie with a year 6 class, a school chaplain (and mate of CFM pastor Danny Nalliah) discovered a blood-spattered concrete slab. There followed much talk about witches and sacrificial babies, so it was with a due sense of urgency that Nalliah blogged to his followers: "I believe God has given us a strategic spiritual warfare assignment to take back the high places in our nation."

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Spiritual war is on

aspThe view of Parliament House from Mt Ainslie | Sean Nicholls & Emily Dunn

Belinda Neal might have been rapped over the knuckles for taunting a pregnant Sophie Mirabella that her child ''will turn into a demon'', but if Pastor Danny Nalliah is to be believed, she might have been onto something.

Fresh from blaming the Victorian bushfires on that state's liberal abortion laws, he is calling for a mass gathering of born-again Christians in Canberra for what he is calling ''an offensive spiritual warfare attack on the demonic strongholds over the nation''. The problem, as he outlined to his followers on his website last month, is that a recently discovered coven of witches has set up camp atop Mount Ainslie, which overlooks Parliament House and has been performing blood sacrifices underneath a communications tower.

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