Why Join the Party

The Reason Party is a political movement focused on upholding your civil liberties and rights, with an over-arching backdrop of ending the nanny state.

If you’re getting let down by the ALP, flogged by the Liberals, goosed by the Nationals and can’t relate to the Greens command and control agendas – then the Sex Party has a landing space for you.

We’re a movement that supports people’s right to choose how they live their lives but unlike another small party that claims similar things, we don’t believe in privatising hospitals and schools and we don’t believe that people should be allowed to carry guns on the street. We believe in strong social protections for basics such as Health and Education and equality for everyone.

We’re a centrist, sensible and sensitive party. We reject the old left-right, flat-earth view of a political spectrum in Australia as being far too simplistic and recognise that politics is much more complex in modern Australia than it was even a decade ago.

We do have some common ground with other parties except those on the extremes. We believe in being economically prudent, environmentally rational, socially progressive and we strongly support the nation’s small businesses. We are anti-censorship and against most government enforced prohibitions. We prefer small government but we support safety nets for those who slip through the cracks or who are getting left behind in the globalised world. We support science over religion in morality debates but at the same time believe in freedom of and from religion.

We were the first party to call for 24 hour public transport on weekends, the first party to call for a Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse in Religious Institutions. Since the election of party leader, Fiona Patten, to the Victorian Upper house in 2015, have proven to be very skilful negotiators with government and oppositions alike. In her two and a half short years in Parliament as an independent cross-bencher, she has initiated changes to abortion laws, ride-sharing services, drug law reform, dying with dignity, safe injecting rooms and electronic petitions to the Parliament.

She has built a profile for the party as a major power broker and change agent in the state of Victoria.

History of the Party

Everything about the Reason Party is unique in Australian politics.

We’re the first party to have come out of an industry association. We’re the first party to be convened by a woman who was then elected to public office. We were the first party to call for a Royal Commission into child sex abuse in the church and we’re the first party to have a leader who owns her recreational use of marijuana. And then there’s our name….

The party was officially born in 2009 from the Eros Association, Australia’s adult goods and services industry association and a small business/anti-censorship lobby group. The issue that ultimately pushed us from the wings was the Labor government’s call for an internet filter but other conservative moves on abortion, dope, marriage, immigration and the environment were equally important.

The 2013 federal election saw the party nearly win a  Senate seat. In 2014, the party’s leader, Fiona Patten, was elected to the Victorian Parliament on a civil liberties/personal freedom ticket.

Since then she has had one of the most successful first terms of any cross-bencher in the history of the Victorian Parliament by initiating a raft of socially progressive actions.


These include:

  • Legislation to stop protestors outside Victorian abortion clinics
  • Legislation to legalise ride sharing services in Victoria
  • The setting up of a parliamentary Committee to reform the state’s dying with dignity laws
  • The setting up of a parliamentary Committee to enquire into reform of the state’s drug laws

She is a member of four parliamentary committees and is an acting Deputy President of the Upper House.

The party’s focus continues to evolve. We believe the Left have lost their activist roots. Most right wing alternative parties are based on fear and loathing without any constructive policies for business or revenue raising. There is now a genuine need for an alternative centrist party that takes in progressive attitudes to environmental, immigration, drugs, birth, death, religion and tax issues with a more pragmatic and less ideological stance. That’s us baby!

The party runs campaigns at federal, Victorian and ACT elections and is looking to expand into all states and local government levels.

Come on board and have a look around. We don’t have all the answers but we ask a lot of questions. We don’t mind window shoppers and tyre kickers either. We’re all volunteers and always looking to expand our horizons.