What is reason?

Reason is a forward-looking movement for pragmatic change in Australia. We bring a common sense approach and deliver real results for the better. Reason intends to liberate people from the two-party stalemate and right wing alternatives that threaten to take us backwards.

We stand for equality, sustainability and freedom.

We’re a centrist, sensible and sensitive party. We reject the old left-right, flat-earth view of the political spectrum, we think it’s much more complicated than that. If personalities can be charted in broad detail, why should politics fall on only one plain?

We believe in being economically prudent, environmentally rational, socially progressive and we strongly support the nation’s small businesses. We are anti-censorship and against most government enforced prohibitions. We prefer small government but we support safety nets for those who slip through the cracks or who are getting left behind in the globalised world. We support science and evidence over religion in morality debates whilst we also believe in freedom of and freedom from religion.

Other parties may have one or two of these things in common with us, but it’s the combination of these values that we believe makes us unique.

Our party was born out of the message that “negotiation and compromise can achieve the possible” – a message that Fiona Patten has embodied since her election to the Victorian Parliament in 2014.

Following several legislative achievements around abortion rights, voluntary euthanasia, drug law reform and other common sense, progressive measures under the banner of “The Australian Sex Party, it was obvious that Patten’s platform was not just about sex. It was evident that large sections of the community supported her platform, but those numbers were not being reflected in the vote at elections. There was a clear need to take her message of to a wider audience. Hence: reason.

Becoming a founder of a political party is a path few have trodden. Founding two political parties in a lifetime is a path so few have trodden, it’s entirely possible that more people have been on the moon. Reason is incredibly lucky to have such a courageous and visionary leader.

If you are concerned with the direction of political debate in Australia, if you’re fed up with the old parties spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to score points against one other, you are not alone. Reason may be the home for you.

In Victoria, we are focused on returning Fiona Patten in the November 2018 state election with the hope of electing one or two more people to join her.

If you’re interested in becoming engaged with Reason Victoria, please email davidpeake@reason.org.au