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Crowdsourced Private Member's Bills: Sex Party Pledge

Give a-f--k

With only weeks to go until the Victorian Election, the Sex Party has set up a new and exciting website that offers more than voting information. Its called 'We Give A F**k!' and can be found here: wegiveafk.org.au

The site contains information regarding the Australian Sex Party’s Election campaign, key Victorian Election Policies as well as an exciting first: we’re asking voters to decide on which policies they want us to raise first via Private Member's Bills - if we get elected to the Victorian Legislative Council.

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The Sex, Votes and Rock ‘n Roll Election Campaign


The Australian Sex Party and The Basics Rock 'n Roll Party have announced a formal preference swap in the upper house region of Northern Metro for the upcoming Victorian State election and will celebrate their union with a joint campaign through the streets of Melbourne this Sunday.

Rock n Roll and Sex will campaign together off the back of a decked-out, six metre flat bed truck this Sunday, 23rd November, with The Basics playing live for the crowds. It's a cheeky hat tip to AC/DC’s famous “It’s A Long Way to the Top”, 1975, truck gig along Swanston st.

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