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Kink – participate and win a copy


Kink is a documentary directed by Christina Voros and produced by James Franco, which pulls back the curtain on the fetish empire of Kink.com

"In kink, we discover not only a fascinating and often misunderstood subculture, but also, in a career far from the mainstream, a group of intelligent, charismatic, and driven people who really, truly love what they do."

To mark the release of the documentary on DVD in Australia on July 9 we have 10 copies of the DVD available to our supporters.

To win a copy of the Kink DVD submit a question you would like to ask the director regarding her experiences making the documentary. The questions submitted will form a basis of an interview we will publish in our upcoming newsletter.
The 10 questions judged to the best will each win a copy.

Email your questions to: cjohnson@sexparty.org.au by 6pm Sunday 6th July. Winners will be announced July 9th.

New Federal Drug Laws Kick Start Australian Drug Production


Today’s announcement by the Federal Minister for Justice, Michael Keenan, that all new psychoactive substances (NPS) will be prohibited from import unless importers can prove they have a legitimate use, will see the creation of hundreds of mobile drug labs and secret production houses start up around the country.

Sex Party President and Eros CEO, Fiona Patten, said the Minister’s media release was very thin on detail. “Will the bans be based on pharmacological mimicry (like Qld and SA) or on psychoactivity (like NSW)?. If based on ‘mimicry’, then will they only apply to LSD, MDMA and cannabis as suggested in the new laws (ie sertonergics and cannabinomimetics) or also to other drugs like GHB, amphetamine etc (ie GABAergics, adrenergics, etc)?

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