Leader of Reason Australia and Victorian MP Fiona Patten will move a motion in Parliament on Wednesday to stop the South Morang crush that commuters face every day by calling for express services to be introduced.

“The line is bursting at the seams now but the government will only consider the issue in 2 years,” said Ms Patten. “It’s a disgrace. Passengers in my region deserve better.”

More than 38,000 passengers use the South Morang line every day and the extreme crush often means people simply can’t get on board.

Express services will better distribute passenger numbers across trains and result in quicker commute times, with 1 minute saved for every station skipped.

“It’s a simple solution that can be started right now,” said the Northern Metropolitan MP.

“Current timetables are based on old data. There are now more commuters in the North than the North East, but the North has fewer services. Where’s the logic in that?

“The Government needs to work with PTV to update their data and find a long-term solution to the South Morang crush. In the meantime, express services can relieve the pressure.”

Ms Patten has consulted commuters and the Public Transport Users Association who back the plan.